come on in and make yourself at home

our philosophy

We welcome you to an exciting new way of dining.  

Leen’s Casual to Gourmet Where exceptional food can be joyed without the formalities.Where an eclectic oasis awaits, for you to relax and be yourself with family and friends, whilst enjoying a world-class culinary experience. 
Our extensive, international menu offers a vibrant journey of bold flavors from around the world. Designed with passion, curiosity, and creativity, using fresh, hand-selected ingredients.  

Come on in and make yourself at home.

our story

wondering what the story is behind the name? leen’s is a play-of-words from our founder and international restauranteur, claudio leenders’, last name.  

Since 2014, Claudio has been passionately pioneering the "Casual to Gourmet” dining concept, making the food the hero. Where the dress code isn’t suggesting a high standard, the culinary experience is.  

“We wanted Leen’s to be more than just a restaurant, but a way of life. Using a lifestyle approach that prioritizes people first and fosters a unique and enriching atmosphere for our guests. Where exceptional, world-class food can be enjoyed without the formalities. 

We set out to create an exciting new cosmopolitan hub, where the focus is less about the dress code and more like a ‘home away from home’; where people don’t have to dress-up to enjoy a world-class culinary experience.”
Claudio Leenders

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